Devil's Corner Cliff Walk

Multiple listing name: Historic Bridges/Tunnels in Washington State TR (AD)

Location: N of Newhalem in Ross Lake National Recreation Area, Newhalem, WA      County: Whatcom      In vicinity of city or town: no

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Privately owned: unknown      Is publicly and privately owned: unknown

Local government owned: unknown

State government owned: unknown

Federal government owned: yes

Contributing and Non-Contributing Resources

Contributing buildings/sites/structures/objects

Contributing Noncontributing
buildings 0 0
sites 1 0
structures 0 0
objects 0 0

Narrative description:

Resource Type

Is a building: unknown
Is a structure: unknown
Is an object: unknown
Is a landscape: unknown
Is a district: unknown

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Architectural classification(s):

Current function: PARK

Current subfunction: PARK

Historic function: TRANSPORTATION

Historic subfunction: PEDESTRIAN RELATED

Cultural affiliations:

Acreage: 20

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