Historic places in Bladen County, North carolina

Historic name Location
Brown Marsh Presbyterian Church N of Clarkton on SR 1700 off SR 1762, Clarkton, NC
Carver's Creek Methodist Church 16904 NC 87 E., Council, NC
Clark, John Hector, House SE corner jct. of S. Grove and E. Green Sts., Clarkton, NC
Clarkton Depot Elm and Hester Sts., Clarkton, NC
Desserette SW side of SR 1320 near jct. with SR 1318, White Oak, NC
Gilmore--Patterson Farm 20337 NC 87 W, St. Paul's, NC
Harmony Hall W of White Oak on SR 1351, White Oak, NC
Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church and Cemetery SW corner of NC 87 and SR 1712 Jct., Elizabethtown, NC
Oakland Plantation Off SR 1730, Carvers, NC
Purdie House and Purdie Methodist Church 2.8 mi. E of Tar Heel, Tar Heel, NC
South River Presbyterian Church NE side of NC 210, 1.7 mi. SE of jct. with US 701, Garland, NC
Trinity Methodist Church Broad and Lower Sts., Elizabethtown, NC
Walnut Grove E of Tar Heel on NC 87, Tar Heel, NC

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