James A. Garfield National Historic Site

Other names: Garfield,James A.,Home;Lawnfield;Dickey Farm;James A. Garfie

Location: 8095 Mentor Ave., Mentor, OH      County: Lake      In vicinity of city or town: yes

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  2. From tf. H. Van Loon, Latwnfield (H.P., 1962), p.4
  3. "Lawnfield," fcs Oarfield named his home, today* VPS Photo, 1968
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  5. little clapboard building at Lavnfield that served as Gai-field's telegraphic office during the campaign of i860. from W. H. Van Loon, Lavnfield (N.P., 1962), P.8
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  7. fhe bouse erected by Jasiee Dickey in 1632, which James A. Garfield bought in 1876. Qarfield remodelled the house between 1877-1679* making it into a two-and-a-half »tory building. Courtesy lake County Historical Society, l«tontor, Ohio
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  9. G&rfield's "bedroom, Lawnfield. Courtesy I*ke County Historical Society, Mentor, Ohio
  10. Desk and favorite reading chair in President's study at Lawnfield.

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