Douglas Underpass

Multiple listing name: Vehicular Bridges in Arizona MPS

Location: US 80 under Southern Pacific RR, milepost 366.1, Douglas, AZ      County: Cochise      In vicinity of city or town: yes

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Area of Significance

Area(s) of significance:


Significant people:

Architect, builder, or engineer:

  1. Casson,Jack A.
  2. Gilbert,A.J.

Narrative statement of significance:

Level of Significance

Significant at international level:unknown

Significant at national level:unknown

Significant at state level:unknown

Significant at local level:yes

National Register Criteria

See details on critiera here.

Criteria A: yes
Criteria B: unknown
Criteria C: yes
Criteria D: unknown

Criteria consideration A: unknown
Criteria consideration B: unknown
Criteria consideration C: unknown
Criteria consideration D: unknown
Criteria consideration E: unknown
Criteria consideration F: unknown
Criteria consideration G: unknown

Period of Significance

Period of sig: 1925-1949

Significant date: 1936

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